Saturday, July 11, 2009

Kmart doubles make me happy:)

I figured after showing my toy deal before, I should post my Kmart Doubles Event shopping success as well! I made several trips, but my last trip through was my most eventful. I had a coupon for basically everything making most items free and a $5/1 for the $5.99 Pictureka game, which was used with a $5/$25 coupon which made my total after taxes -$2.38.

The cashier was confused when she tried to take $2.38 from me and the register was not letting her complete the transaction so called her manager over who pointed out that they OWED me the money! To which she quickly added that she was not going to "pay me to leave the store with merchandise", so I ran and grabbed an Oxy Clean spray to make my total more and made it out the door paying $1.70 for everything shown above! (originally priced it woudl have cost $43.88!)

One of my other trips I picked up the following (again thanks to buymore4less for the heads up on the sparkle/angel soft deal!) minus the contact solution which I bough at RiteAid for $0.10 after coupons!-- and paid around $7.00 (originally priced would have cost around $48!!!) I was happy about the paper products as I was getting low on towels!!!

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Preppy Little Dress said...

Great finds! I went back today and picked up 1 more Pantene, plus had a $2.00 printable for a Plege pet hair pick up thing - which was $4.49, less 4.00 - .49 cents! Not bad...I also had 1 more Purex 3-1 coupon for $2.00- 1.99 -OOP - again not bad.....then at the register along with other things that I puchased she said the $25.00 min. did not apply! Any coupon amount worked up to 10 coupons - UGH!!! Now they tell me, ha!ha!