Friday, July 10, 2009

Christmas comes early to Kmart Shoppers!!!!

I am so excited about this post. And by excited, I pretty much mean totally and completely psyched!!!! For someone who has a difficult time getting ANYTHING ready by gift time - be it birthdays, holidays, etc., -- let's just say that if you managed to get more than 1/2 of your children's Christmas shopping completed by the beginning of July, you would feel this way too!

Thank you to buymore4less for the heads up on this STELLAR Kmart deal going on right now. Currently all of Kmart's clearance toys are an additional 50% off of the clearance price. (Note the $5 / $20 purchase in the linked post!) I only used 1 coupon, but am considering going back to see if I can get some of the same items broken up into smaller transactions to take advantage of additional savings.

Here is my haul which I know my kids will be TOTALLY PSYCHED about come Christmas morning....

Total BEFORE any sales/coupons $327.55 (or $347.20 after taxes!)
Now the part you have been waiting for...
Total AFTER coupons and clearance prices = $70.34 ($66.74 before taxes)!!! FOR EVERYTHING!!!

My favorite purchases are as follows:

Bionicles - originally priced at $39.99 and $29.99 were on clearance for $5 and $7.50!

The Eye Clops was originally priced $59.99 - on clearance for $18.50.

The Discovery Planet Lab - $29.99 - on clearance for $11.00.

The Cube World digital games - $34.99 and $23.99 each - on clearance for $4.50 and $3!

The Pictureka game was not on clearance, but I had a $5/1 coupon from a few weeks ago that I used off the original $5.99 price!

Tip - if you see something you think your children will like and it is not marked down, use the price checker and scan it anyway! The Discover Kids Lab did not have a clearance sticker but I knew my boys would enjoy it and it scanned for $11.00!!!!!

As my boys are older I was mainly focusing on the boys items, but there seemed to be a good variety of baby and girl items left as well!

As an added bonus, I will get 1% back on my purchases for using my K'Ching card and I received a coupon for a FREE Sharpie Retractable Marker :) Go here to see complete list of possible prizes.

Happy Shopping!!!


Preppy Little Dress said...

Okay, I see the Bionicials now - darn it, I had one in my hands but put it down! I might have to go back and buy it! Darn it all!

Great stash, your kids will be so happy! Hee! Hee!

Print more coupons!!!

Jana said...

Awesome buys.!! I enjoyed to see your early Christmas shopping. I will certainly visit Kmart to get some cute stuff for my kids.