Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thank you Mars Chocolate relief!!

Thank you Mars chocolate relief!

My coupons for free chocolate arrived earlier this week and I am happy that I didn't run right out to use them as I matched them with a RiteAid BOGO sale on chocolate going on right now! YEAH! What is better than one FREE chocolate? How about 4 for $0.06!!! YAHOO! My boys were very happy to tag along on this shopping trip!

An even bigger bonus was when I went next door to Plumb's where I picked up the two coupons pictured above for BOGO on candy which I am hoping to use if I can snag two more of the Mars freebies!

Remember - tomorrow starting at 9:00 you can try for your FREE chocolate too!

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Preppy Little Dress said...

Awesome! I had a similar situation today myself! Dominicks [Chicagoland] has B1G1 FREE but you have to buy 3! So I got 6, make that 12 Mars candy bars for .10 - twice I used 3 coupons, YES! Now we have chocolate candy galore - remember, it's not chocolate but chocolate candy, ha! ha!