Friday, April 24, 2009

Awesome Swiffer Purchase!

Sticking with the Swiffer theme for this next post, I had the fabulous experience of actually having Kmart PAY ME .57 cents to purchase two boxes of Swiffer refills. How fantastic is that?

I purchased a Swiffer starter kit at Kmart yesterday using a $2 off coupon I received recently, which after doubling made the total OOP $6.49 before tax. Inside the box was a set of 3 coupons: $2 off a starter kit (which I passed along to a friend in hopes that she will have the same luck!), $2 off dry refills, and $2 off wet refills.Kmart has the refills priced at $4.29 each (covering an older price tag of $3.99 each - must have been marked up recently! ha!).

I had a .75 cents off coupon good for my next purchase that printed out when I bought the Post Trail Mix cereal a few days ago, so I used that to offset the amount I would owe. Well, that coupon doubled as well so the cashier actually PAID me .57 cents when all was said and done!All in all, that brings me about $8.58 closer to the $10 needed for the $5 mail in Swiffer rebate I mentioned earlier! Yahoo!


Victoria R said...

I so envy you! My husband just bought me a swiffer wet jet yesterday and it did not come with any coupons inside the package :(
You scored a great deal!Thanks for reminding me about the Swiffer rebate which I hope to take part in.

PLD said...

How do you know where to find coupons that are valued double? I would love a post about the basics of coupons! I watched something on the news this morning, very interesting...tell me more!

Saving money in West Michigan said...

It all depends on where you shop as to if they will double coupons or not! You should check the stores in your area to see if they will double coupons as it varies. You might have better luck than we do! (Just note the coupons that state that they are not subject to doubling.) We don't have any stores that double around here that I can find, except when Kmart did it last week :-(