Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Possible Kmart Freebies (if in stock!!!)

Go here to print off a coupon for $1 off any Kotex product. Kmart has 18 count boxes of tampons for $3.49 which makes for some pretty cheap feminine products after a double coupon is applied! Stock up!Go here to print coupons for $2 off V8 V-Fusion juice which is sold for $3.99 at Kmart. Double your coupon and it is FREE!!!! The coupon says it is for a specific flavor of the juice, however I had no problem using it at my Kmart for a flavor that was not listed.
Go here to print off a coupon for $2 off any Pledge Multi-Surface cleaner. It is sold at Kmart for around $3.79 which makes it FREE after doubled coupon!!!
Go here for $1/2 Campbell's soups (chicken noodle or tomato) which are on sale for $1 each at Kmart this week making them FREE after coupons!!!!!
Go here to print off a $2 coupon for Post Trail Mix Crunch Cereal. Kmart sells it for $2.79 making it FREE after doubled coupon!!!
Remember to hit the refresh button to print off two copies!!!! And even if your Kmart store is out of these items these are still good value coupons to use elsewhere!

Below is a picture of the items I picked up today and paid...wait for it...$5.16 OOP. The only items that I actually had to pay for were the Kotex which came out to $1.49 each. EVERYTHING ELSE RANG UP FOR FREE!!!!!!!!

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