Monday, April 20, 2009

Walgreens and Target

These were from my shopping on Sunday.

I stopped at Walgreens to take advantage of some shaving gel register rewards and to buy my 2 Sunday papers for my coupons, and then headed to Target for the free totes. The shaving gel at Walgreens cost me $12 OOP but I received $12 in register rewards (RR) which I used to buy my newspapers and some other stuff so it was like getting them for free! I have $3 in RR left over to use next time I go there.

At target I picked up my 2 totes, 2 Dry Idea Antiperspirants (1$ each after using 2 1$/1 MQ), an Axe trial size shower gel (free after coupon) and 3 bags of fruit snacks (all free after coupons) all for $2 OOP done in three separate transactions! You can still go here to print off a $2 coupon for Dry Idea which is marked down at Target for $2 until the beginning of May if memory serves. Remember to hit the back button as you can print each coupon twice.

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