Monday, May 4, 2009

Ka-Ching...and then some!

With all of the glorious weather we have been enjoying, I have dedicated little time to my shopping efforts. I did however run a few errands today and got some great deals!

Our local Kmart store is participating in the Super Doubles event again and is doubling coupons up to $2 AGAIN! The circular that went out in the Sunday papers only advertised that they will double coupons up to 75 cents so the store was not crowded like last time making for some pleasant shopping!

Here are my purchases from yesterday and today...

Walgreens (done in 2 transactions)
I rolled $10.50 in Register Rewards (RR) that I had from last week making my total spent OOP = $3.39 and I received $6.50 in RR back for future purchases!
(Not shown in picture, but the total OOP also includes the cost of my two Sunday papers)

Target (done in two transactions)
Total spent OOP = $2.72
I used a BOGO coupon of the Sobe drinks, but got thristy so only one is pictured!

For the Quaker True Delights:
Use $1/1 coupon here
Stack with $1/1 Target coupon here

Kmart (done in two transacations)
Total spent OOP = $3.94Today was a good day at Kmart - I earned a free Sobe drink from their Ka-Ching rewards and had to return a damaged Lysol and got the full retail credit PLUS there was a peelie coupon for $1 off that the cashier applied to my total return which took an additional $2 off my total! Yahoo!

The razors, BBQ sauce, Sobe drink and Dry Idea were all FREEBIES after doubled coupons!!!

$2 off Dry idea coupon here

Total BEFORE coupons/sales/RR = $83.87
Total OOP = $10.05 for everything shown below
(not pictured - 2 of the Sobes and my 2 Sunday papers)

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