Thursday, May 28, 2009

More CVS shopping...

I went back to CVS today to do a little shopping for some freebies and had a mixed experience. Don't worry as I don't plan on documenting EVERY shopping trip to this store, however as this was my second trip with more items I figured I would let you know how it went :-)

While I did get a great deal paying .69 cents for everything pictured (subtotal was .34 cents with .35 cents tax!) (yahoo!), my coupon exchange was a little rough at best. Sorry for the horrible quality of the picture - I was too lazy to gather everything for a reshoot! Total savings of $17.37!The cashier ended up giving me all of my coupons so I really should not complain, however I had to ask her to adjust down the price for the (2) $1.50 St. Ives coupons (from the SS 5/10) after she said they weren't working on trail size which was priced at $1.49 and I had to point out that the coupon did not exclude trail size (PLUS one coupon worked and the other one wasn't going through - even though they were the same stupid coupon!). Then there was a problem with my two Sobe coupons working - one worked, yet the other didn't at first so it was ringing up that I needed to pay for at least one of the four drinks. Which don't get me wrong, still would have been a good deal, however knowing that they should ALL ring up for free I wanted to at least have her try again!

I was very nice and patient through the whole transaction as I didn't want to anger the cashier as she was the same one who was there yesterday so apparently we will probably get to see quite a bit of each other from now on! And in the end I did walk away with all I wanted but just hope that future transactions go smoother!

Go here for the BOGO Sobe coupon, which when used with the CVS BOGO sale on Sobe right now should get you some free drinks too!

As for the Ziplocks containers, I had read somewhere that they were clearanced, so keeping an eye out for those, I picked up the last two sets - marked down to .92 cents each and I used a $1.50/2 MQ from the Sunday paper (sorry, can't remember which insert but I think it was a SS!) making them .17 cents each!


Preppy Little Dress said...

Good finds, steal of a deal! Our ziplocks we not on sale at the CVS I went too....each store is different, so strange! Good luck, I am sending my hubby back w/a Sobe coupon this afternoon! ha! ha!

Saving money in West Michigan said...

Make sure he takes your cvs card! And my Ziplocks were not marked down with any signs or stickers - I just knew that they were on sale at another store so I checked the price on their price scanning machine. Maybe do the same!